Welcome to the UK cyber security website. The purpose of this website is to help businesses protect themselves and there customers data from cyber criminals by using a number of security best practices and techniques implemented by security experts. The website also includes articles for individuals which will help you secure your data and stay safe online.

We have become more and more dependent on digital services. whether you need to book and taxi or a holiday or use a banking service everything is now online and easily accessible via a wide range of devices.

Online services weather via the Internet, app or social media come with some great advantages and are designed to make your life easier however they also come with both data protection and security risks which you need to be aware.

Every day you read a story about a large company getting hacked with millions of credit cards or personal details been leaked online and sold to the highest bidder and that’s only the companies who have gone public there are many other companies that have been hacked or held to ransom which you never hear about.

Your online security and personal data is your number 1 priority.

Your personal data has become a commodity to both business and cyber criminals who want to exploit it for profit.

We hope you find this website useful. If you have any questions about the articles we have created or the services we please feel free to contact us.