How Secure Is Your Password

Almost every online service we use requires a password. Whether its online banking, email, or booking an Uber taxi all these services require you to enter a password.

A secure password is crucial in today’s online world. It’s important to ensure all the information we share online is safe and secure from cybercriminals. The best way we can keep our data safe and secure is by using different and strong passwords for each online service we use.

Many of the online services we use put security protections in place to ensure we are using strong passwords however the biggest threat to security is not the IT systems or services we use but humans.

A lot of people create a strong password which they can remember and use across all the services they access however cybercriminals know this and understand that once they have cracked one of your passwords they will get access to most if not all your accounts using the same password.

Bad Password Examples

You will be surprised by the fact that some people use weak passwords to secure data which can be easily guessed by cybercriminals.

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. football
  6. welcome
  7. letmein
  8. pa$$word

Good Password Examples

The following password examples below would be classed as good passwords which cybercriminals would find it difficult to crack.

  1. ePYHc~dS*)8$+V-
  2. qzRtC{6rXN3N\RgL
  3. zbfUMZPE6`FC%)sZ.
  4. Gbt3fC79ZmMEFUFJ!
  5. 4qeN!wFcgK@ejd&m
  6. ^P0PhXUkknaZ*4YX

Strong Password Recommendations

When you create a password we recommend you use the following recommendations.

  1. Use 16 characters or more.
  2. Use at least one number in the password
  3. Use one or more uppercase letter
  4. Use one lowercase letter
  5. Use one special symbol in the password

Password Generators

Creating a password which includes the above recommendations can be a time-consuming task. The quickest way to create a great password is to use a password generator.

UK Password Generator

The website offers a free to use strong password generator which allows you to easily generate random secure passwords in seconds to find out more visit the website today

Last Pass

LastPass is a popular password manager tool that helps you store your passwords in one secure place. They also offer an online password generator which you can use to create secure random passwords.

Norton Password Generator

Norton offers a useful and free password generator. You have the usual options of choosing numbers, letters, symbols to be included or excluded and you can generate 50 passwords with a single click of the mouse using Norton’s password generator tool.

Strong Password Generator

This tool lets you create strong passwords in your browser without ever sending it across the Internet. It’s easy to use and you automatically get a long, complex and randomly created password

Avast Password Generator

Avast offers firewall and anti-virus software which is used by millions of people around the world. They have also created an easy to use password generator tool that enables you to easily create a strong password in a few seconds.

The important thing to remember is to create a strong and different password for each online service you use. Avoid using weak passwords or the same password for different services.